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We thank you for your interest in our site, and also Thank you for learning more about Disability Insurance.

We have been in this business for over 16 years and have focused on securing the Proper Income Protection for Professionals and Business owners. It has taken us years to know all there is to know about this product, and I would be honoured to share my experience with you.

In a traditional Group or Association Plan, the benefits are limited in their definitions and also their coverage, if we were able to help you understand those differences today, you will save you and your family a great deal of heartache and financial disaster if you ever became disabled, would it be worth the time?

In closing, many families believe the number one asset is their home, but this is not true. Your Human Economic Value is the greatest part of your family’s financial future. A $100,000 per year earner will deliver near $4,000,000 to their family over your working years to age 65. Your home is an asset created by you, its time to Insure You…


What would you rather do?

Disability Insurance typically costs 2% of your annual wage to properly protect your Income. If you were offered a job that paid $100,000 per year but had no income protection guarantees. Or you were offered a job that paid $98,000 per year guaranteed until retirement, no matter what happened, which job offer would you choose???

If you knew your home, which you perceive as your family’s greatest asset, was only insured for 1/3 of its replacement cost, would this worry you? If you had a $1,000,000 home, and found out that the current insurance coverage would only pay for a $300,000 replacement house if it burned down, when would you want to know about this? Now or at claim time?

How does your Income Protection Program hold up, are you protecting 100% of your Paycheque or only 33%?

Protect your Business or Practice with Business Overhead Expense Insurance (BOE)

Keep the lights on while you’re off

Running your own business is a great opportunity. It’s also a big responsibility. If you’re off sick for a period of time, who’s going to pay the bills? With Business Overhead Expense (BOE) Insurance, you can rest easy knowing your office expenses are being paid, in case of an illness, accident, sickness or a disability while you are busy recovering.

Office Overhead Expense Insurance…

  • Is payable if you are temporarily totally disabled or seriously ill
  • Covers the normal costs of running a business that’s outside your home
  • Pays staff salaries so they can keep working
  • Is especially important if you’re the only person who is responsible for the business expenses

Here is an example of Expenses Covered…

  • Rent or mortgage interest
  • Heat, water and electricity
  • Interest on business loans made for office equipment or automobile
  • Telephone
  • Salaries of employees
  • Accounting services
  • Property taxes on business premises/business taxes
  • Lease of equipment (including business use of automobile)
  • Depreciation or scheduled principal payments on office equipment and business use of automobiles, and
  • Professional association membership dues

Make sure your business is also covered in the event of a sickness, illness, accident or a disability…

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